Pest Control Services in Derby, KS

Bug Stoppers is the premier source for insect control in Derby, KS. Home and business owners throughout the region can count on our Termidor Certified Professionals to rid their properties of pests. We work with property managers, homeowners, landlords, realtors, attorneys, hotels, banks, office managers and more.

Contact “The Guys in the Yellow Truck” for scheduled or emergency appointments for the following pest control services for your location:

  • Ant Control: Ant issues are no picnic. Where there’s one, there’s a hundred. If you notice an ant infestation, call us right away, to stop the problem from spreading. We will use specialized ant control in Derby, KS to rid your property of these invaders.
  • Bed bug bites are usually in a line because bed bugs follow the veins.

  • Bed Bug Removal: Bed bugs often enter a home via second-hand articles and furniture, but they may also travel from warehouses, trucks or railroads that ship new items. They can also migrate between homes via wires and plumbing. We carefully identify the bed bug species that has arrived at your property to implement the proper control strategy for bed bug removal in Derby, KS.
  • Cockroach Control: Over-the-counter products are often ineffective to treat a cockroach problem. Our professional-grade solutions will eradicate the cockroaches from your property for good. See our roach control preparation tips within our Blog to ensure you get the best results possible from your cockroach control in Derby, KS.
  • Mouse Exterminator: A mouse on your property is not a sign that your place is dirty or unsafe. It simply means they found a way inside and plan to stay. Mice can enter a property through a quarter-sized hole in search of food, good nesting spots and escape from the weather outdoors. Our effective mouse exterminator in Derby, KS will rid your home or business of these unwanted guests.
  • Spider Control: Spiders are prevalent in any area. They often reside behind baseboards, in wall voids and attics, as well as shelves, boxes, storage areas or in clothing. The brown recluse is particularly common here and Bug Stoppers specializes in ridding your home of these sneaky pests with professional spider control in Derby, KS.
  • Pest Inspection/Pest Control/Pest Removal: Are you unsure what treatment you need for your property? Bug Stoppers offers free inspections and estimates to help determine the pest that has infested your home and then we resolve your pest problems. Simply contact our certified professionals and we will make sure your property is pest free in no time.


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