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The following are steps you can take to assist us in doing the best job possible.
⦁ Pick up items around the walls so we can spray around the perimeter of the rooms.
⦁ To spray in bedroom closets, put items from the closet on the bed..
⦁ Remove items under sinks in kitchen and bathrooms.
⦁ Remove contents of cabinets in any areas you are seeing roaches.
⦁ Make sure the dishwasher is not running so we can treat around it.
⦁ Remove items stored on floor around refrigerators, freezers and stove so we can treat that area.
⦁ Make arrangements for pet food storage. It will need to be stored in air tight containers and put up at night so roaches will eat the bait and not the pet food.
⦁ Clean up anything roaches eat (especially at night) so they will eat the bait.
⦁ Make sure there are no dirty dishes on the counter or in the dishwasher, especially at night.
⦁ Empty trash before going to bed so roaches will eat the bait.
⦁ DO NOT spray over-the-counter pesticides as these products will contaminate the products we use.

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