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Most people bring bed bugs into their home with used furniture and bedding or from a trip in their luggage. In a recent survey done by a Pest Control Magazine they had 1000 responses from 43 countries. The following is a list of where Pest Control Companies have found Human Bed Bugs:
89% Hotels/Motels 88% Homes/Apartments
24% Senior Care Facilities 12% Hospitals
10% Schools 9% Public Transportation
In my experience if you have not brought in used furniture or bedding, bed bugs can be traced to a trip or stay in a hotel, however recent evidence shows that they get into luggage when traveling on a plane, train, bus or taxi where your luggage is in close proximity to other travelers luggage.
⦁ Before your trip put make up, prescription drugs etc. in a zip lock bag so it can be removed from your luggage, shaving kit or make up bag
⦁ Carefully bring luggage into house and put in bathtub. Don’t touch luggage to anything on your way into house. Unpack dirty clothes, put in trash bag (not the one supplied with kit) and wash in hot water (120 degree min) and dry on med (120 degree min for 1 hour) Don’t come in contact with the clothes as they can contain eggs that are sticky and hard to see. Any dry cleanable clothes can be bagged and brought in and put in the dryer for 1 hour on med heat (120 min) . It is not recommended to take clothes to dry cleaners as this is a way to spread bed bugs. Don’t forget the clothes your wearing. Throw trash bag away in outside trash container.
⦁ Leave shaving kits and make up kits in luggage. Anything you remove such as make up, prescriptions, etc. should be carefully inspected and put in zip lock bag. These items should be used from this bag until fully consumed.
⦁ Carefully put luggage in 55 gal. trash bag supplied with Kit. Make sure the luggage does not touch the outside of the trash bag.
⦁ Attach NUVAN strip by ring on top to handle of luggage in trash bag and close with zip tie tightly. You can put more than one suitcase in trash bag.
⦁ The NUVAN strip will kill any Bed Bugs and their eggs in 7 days, but I recommend leaving luggage in bag until your next trip and then disposing NUVAN strip.
⦁ Rinse out bathtub with hot soapy water.
⦁ Don’t forget to call BUG STOPPERS for a new kit before your next trip.
⦁ Don’t put your luggage on the extra bed, floor or dresser. Store your luggage on the rack provided, a table, or a wooden chair as the bed bugs are not as likely to be found there.


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